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Music Therapy Conversations

Mar 1, 2018

In episode 12, which coincides with World Music Therapy Day, Luke Annesley talks to Becky White. Becky teaches clinical improvisation at the University of South Wales and works as an associate lecturer in music therapy at the University of the West of England. She is undertaking PhD research into learning experiences through improvisation of music and music therapy students. The study is arts based, employing qualitative phenomenological interviews combined with improvisations and transcribed with hand-drawn graphic scores. She is a member of the inter-model and inter-disciplinary improvisation research network Concurrent, based at the University of Edinburgh.

During this interview Becky refers to a number of papers, including her recent Concurrent study on Voices, which is here. She also references the following:

Ferrara, L. (1984) Phenomenology as a Tool for Musical Analysis. The Musical Quarterly, 70(3), pp. 355-373. 

Wilson, G.B., and MacDonald, R.A. (2016) Musical choices during group free improvisation: A qualitative psychological investigation. Psychology of Music, 44(5), pp. 1029 - 1043.