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Music Therapy Conversations

Dec 15, 2021

Nsamu is a music therapist and psychotherapist born and raised in Zambia. Nsamu earned a BA in Psychological Counselling from the University of South Africa and MMus in Music Therapy from the University of Pretoria. A therapist grounded in holistic anti-oppressive practice, Nsamu works with people exploring health and lifestyle choices, medical complications, human sexualities and gender, spiritualities and religious experiences, psychosocial support, and learning enhancement. His music therapy experience spans health, medical, and school settings, and centres human development programming, design and facilitation, community infrastructure and social development, cross-cultural living and working.

Nsamu is a classically trained singer and enjoys dancing. His interests include lifelong development, learning, and critical theory-informed research. He enjoys long-distance running and writing mystical poetry. He is a foodie, enjoys mentoring youth, and loves being an uncle.

Nsamu is affiliated with the Health Profession Council of South Africa, South African Music Therapy Association, South African National Art Therapy Association, and the Institute for Creative Conversations.

Nsamu talked about the batonga tradition in Zambia, and how he perceives music therapy in the light of his studies and experiences. Anti-oppressive practice in music therapy is explored, along with therapeutic stance, and the episode includes a bonus section after the 'official' ending.


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Moonga, N. U. (2019). Exploring music therapy in the life of the batonga of Mazabuka Southern Zambia (Doctoral dissertation, University of Pretoria).

Nsamu also referred to the work of Henri Nouwen

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