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Music Therapy Conversations

Jan 13, 2021

Ray Travasso is a Music Therapist and has been working in children’s and adult services for 18 years.  He trained at the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre, London and graduated with a Masters in Music Therapy in 2002. 

He has a background in paediatric and adult palliative care and currently works part-time as a Music therapist and Team Leader at The Treehouse, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, Ipswich, Suffolk.

He is also Director and co-founder of Suffolk Music Therapy Services, an organisation that provides Music Therapy to children and adult care services across East Anglia.  Suffolk Music Therapy Services delivers Music therapy in over 60 organisations in the region, including hospices, care homes, neurorehabilitation centres, schools, charities and private individuals. 

Ray leads a team of 15 highly skilled and trained music therapists and is keen to increase access to Music Therapy to more organisations and individuals across the region.

Ray talked to Luke about the genesis of his own music therapy practice, and how he developed this into the thriving service it has become. There was also some discussion about how he and the rest of the team have adapted to lockdown, and how, in some ways, they felt well prepared for the challenges this entailed.


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