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Music Therapy Conversations

Aug 17, 2022

The interviews in this episode were recorded at the conference of the European Music Therapy Confederation at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh in June 2022.

Tilly Mütter is a student on the MSc Music Therapy Course at QMU. She completed her degree in music at Canterbury, where she first became aware of music therapy. After graduating, Tilly became the Music Lead at The Sunflower Federation Schools in Hertfordshire, for students with additional needs and profound multiple learning disabilities. This role inspired her to study music therapy.

This episode was edited by Tilly from conversations with twenty-one music therapy students across Europe, sharing their journeys. She asked each person four questions: 1. Please introduce yourself: what course are you on? 2. What have you found challenging and rewarding about your course so far? 3. What have you enjoyed about the EMTC conference? 4. What advice would you give to someone wanting to study music therapy?

She spoke to Folke Wiemann, Marie Winneke. Laura O'Neill, Harry Harris, Clare Woodham, Lona Frießner, Hannah Quigley, Dorothy Ogilvy, Megan Thomas, Lisa Johnston, Kelly Nga-Ying Luk, Erin McGonigle, Karen Biørnskov Christensen, Phoebe Janisch , Alice Paine, Emma Keeling , Hiu Tung Yan, Tao-Deva Stingl, Susanne Gruss, Calum Frame and Alphonso Archer.