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Music Therapy Conversations

Oct 18, 2022

Davina Vencatasamy speaks to Penny Rogers, with a focus on safeguarding issues in music therapy.

Penny Rogers studied cello with Bernard Gregor-Smith (Lindsay Strong Quartet) in Manchester before going on to complete a postgraduate diploma in Music Therapy at the Guildhall. As a therapist, she found the majority of individuals referred went on to disclose histories of child abuse and so her passion for safeguarding began. Since that time Penny has completed a variety of further trainings including Masters in Cognitive Neuropsychology, Child Protection & Working with Families, and Systemic Psychotherapy.  She was research fellow in MT at City University exploring the impact of music therapy on children and young people with histories of sexual abuse - resulting in a number of articles and chapters in books and lecturing opportunities in places as diverse as UK, Estonia, Vittoria, Philadelphia. Penny also has a PGDip in Mental Health Law and today works as a Deputy Director for Devon Partnership Trust with a portfolio including all aspects of safeguarding, mental health law and legislation. She continues to play the cello almost every day, and is a member of a number of local orchestras in Devon and a dedicated quartet enthusiast. Penny believes that safeguarding training is essential for all those working with children & adults.


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