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Music Therapy Conversations

Dec 16, 2020

Episode 45 is part 2 of Luke's interview with Alex Maguire, music therapist at Broadmoor high security hospital. Alex talks in some detail about his clinical work in this episode, and some of the important theories he draws on to support his work. The episode also includes Alex's interview with Shamrat Sengupta.

Shamrat Sengupta is an Indian renaissance man - in addition to his role as a consultant psychiatrist, he is also a barrister and an actor/writer /performer with the group Eastern Thespians. He is the co-creator of the Bloomsbury Cultural Formulation Interview and is the Responsible Clinician for the mental illness admissions ward at Broadmoor.

Also included in the episode are two further excerpts from Alex's performance live at the Vortex Jazz Club in Dalston. The Vortex is a true gem of the UK jazz scene and has done well to survive through lockdown. See the website for details of upcoming gigs.